What is PRAcDis?

PRAcDis is a research project on Public Reactions to Academic Dissemination.

As researchers, we are dedicated to understanding and explaining the manifold complexities of the world. Our work is important because it can impact and positively shape the societies we live in at various levels. Disseminating and communicating research to the broader public is therefore an important objective. Yet, the public reactions we experience in response to this dissemination varies, and little is known about how they influence factors such as our career ambitions, psychological well-being and, importantly, our plans to disseminate our work in the future. It is here that PRAcDis aims to make a contribution to academic research.

In addition to investigating these relations, one goal of PRAcDis is to provide comparative insights into country-variations in reactions to academic dissemination. That is, we are interested in whether the reactions researchers get depend on the societal context they live in. Finally, the project aims to track how these experiences develop and impact the abovementioned variables over time.

The research project PRAcDis is therefore trying to raise awareness about this topic and gain further insights into the potential damaging effects of such threat experiences.

Why we need you:

Your participation is essential to our research. In order to get an accurate picture of the experiences that researchers face due to the dissemination of their work, it is crucial for us to collect data from as many academics as possible. We would therefore highly appreciate if you support PRAcDis by participating in our survey.

We also kindly ask you to distribute our survey among other fellow scholars.